Cold canapé selection

Filo baskets filled with crab lime and ginger

Filo baskets filled with smoked salmon lime and cracked pepper

Wild mushroom croustades

Avocado croustades

Goat's cheese & red onion croustades

Crudities with a variety of dips

Blinis with soured cream & smoked salmon & topped with lumpfish roe

Croutons of fried bread with red onion marmalade, a slice of smoked duck breast garnished with fresh thyme

Sun dried tomato bread with fresh anchovies & dill

Tiny parmesan & rosemary shortbreads with roasted cherry tomatoes & feta

Tiny parmesan & black olive shortbreads with parsley pesto & goats cheese

Tiny dill scones with smoked trout & horseradish cream

Cucumber cream hearts

Triangles of brown bread with smoked salmon

Rye bread spread with créme fraiche & topped with a smoked oyster & fresh dill

Rye bread with wasabi & smoked salmon

Ciabiatta soaked in olive oil & topped with Parma ham & rosemary